Proposal at the End of the World- Antarctica Engagement-Larissa Bahr Photography-Destination Wedding Photographer

  1. Jaclyn Cruz says:

    What a beautiful trip and talk about the right place at the right time! Not only did you get to photograph such a special moment for them but the chance at a friendship with them from across the world! What a story! You make me want to go to Antartica and I can’t thank you enough for showing me the bravery and excitement for a place at the end of the world! <3

    • Larissa Bahr says:

      It was a FANTASTIC trip and yes, I was very glad I was there for the proposal! Such a great moment! And Antarctica is an absolutely wonderful place to visit! I really enjoyed my trip! Though crossing the Drake Passage is not for the faint of heart and we had a good crossing! But you should definitely go someday! Let me know if you ever need more details =D

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